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ML Caterers weave marvelous, charming and unforgettable experiences through exquisite and exotic food, beverages, sophisticated services, breathtaking food table décor and a customer service driven staff. Our food catering services Jaipur will exceed all your culinary expectations. We as caterers in Jaipur are proud of our expertise in the field of all sorts of function catering in Jaipur and our dedicated hard-work and thoughtful creativity. Our Jaipur food catering services is famous for customizing famous international dishes to suit your taste and preferences. You can easily get the Mexican tacos and Japanese sushi customize to the taste buds of your Indian guests. We abide by the timeframes given by you. Our menu boosts of cuisines like North Indian, South Indian, Rajasthani, Gujrati, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Bengali, North-eastern, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Lebanese, Moroccan, Italian, Pan Asian, etc. So you have ample options to choose from. We render our services in the most dedicated and punctual manner and plan every smallest of detail of your food event professionally.

We cater to all sorts of functions and events. Be in an Indian fat wedding, a professional corporate dinner, a sports meet, a lively kitty party, a sweet birthday bash, heartfelt anniversary celebration, a festive celebration, a house warming gathering, stylish theme parties, government events, a music and acting concert and breezy outdoor and destination events. We cater for it all and that too with utter ease and professionalism. We have catering options for breakfast, a formal power lunch and corporate/family dinner. We have the best catering concepts in Rajasthan. Our concept and theme designers Jaipur have flair in presenting the food buffet in the most eye-catching and pleasing way that it enhances the soul of your themed event. We as wedding caterers in Jaipur use attractive and innovative props like fairy lights, origami flowers and objects, cute ceramic birds and animals, beautifully carved fruits and vegetables, fresh radiant flowers and glittery decorative items, for making the food table like a center piece of your party.

ML Caterers blends the authentic traditional and lively modern tastes to give our clients delicious and aromatic dishes that your guests will truly relish on and remember it for a long time. We as Jaipur food catering services pick fresh ingredients and the best chefs to give you world class taste. Our trained chefs bring the original taste of Indian regional dishes like Rajasthani laal maas, baati churma, Punjabi chole, gujrati kadi, south Indian dosa, Bengali hilsa fish, Marathi puranpoli, to your buffet. Enjoy the variety of Indian cuisines at one single table with our expert catering services. Our function catering in Jaipur specializes in outdoor events like a farmhouse or rooftop party. Our outdoor catering services Jaipur staff arranges the best outdoor parties in an hassle free manner. Avail our services and experience the hospitality that will surely flood you with compliments.

Pamper your lovely guests on your special days with our tempting delicacies and amazing food presentations. You can always count on us. We are always there at your service.

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